2012/4. szám (Review of Sociology)

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Gergő Závecz
The Black Day of Public Opinion Research Revisited. Bayesian Reanalysis of the Hungarian Opinion Poll Results from 2002
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Nikos Fokas- Ákos Kopper
Sensations, Evergreens in the Media and Social Memory
(pdf 775 kb)
Györgyi Elekes
The Impacts of Microsocial Relationships on School Mobility in the Roma Population
(pdf 388 kb)
Endre Sik
Trust, Network Capital, and informality – Cross-Border Entrepreneurship in the First Two Decades of Post-Communism
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Boglárka Szalai
The Influence of Urban Environment on Immigrants’ Integration in Józsefváros and Kőbánya
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