2017/ 4. szám

Erzsébet Takács
Changing family - changing solidarity? The phenomenon of family solidarity
(pdf 1392 kb)
Kitti Kutrovátz
Parental time from the perspective of time pressure: The idea of intensive parenting
(pdf 1400 kb)
Mika Vidlund – Niko Väänänen – Antti Mielonen – Kati Kuitto
Pension system design and intergenerational redistribution: applying Musgrave’s rule in a comparative setting
(pdf 1639 kb)
József Banyár
Conflict or Fair Deal Between the Generations? Alternative economics for pensions
(pdf 1743 kb)
Dorottya Szikra – Diána Kiss
Beyond Nationalization Assessing the Impact of the 2010-2012 Pension Reform in Hungary
(pdf 1805 kb)